Skill and experience in sales growth

You could pay a six-figure salary, bonus, executive car, pension etc and buy this expertise full-time. But, why not buy only what you need, when you need it.


Over 25 years of senior sales experience across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, retail, industrial and commercial, builds a certain passion for creating strategies, sales and management teams that have delivered consistently.

A revealing and honest 'look under the bonnet'

It’s the MD or CEO’s role to take the brave decisions to initiate change.

Following a complete review of the customer journey and from direct interactions with those that currently deliver, or not for you. I will be asking tough questions of the business, answers might not be immediately forthcoming or obvious, but my desire is to help you unravel the answers, to drive forward your sales and profitability. So working together we will find the right path for your business to succeed.

Direct and honest feedback

It is a well-known fact in the commercial arena that employees, do not really like giving the "Boss" the entire truth about issues in the business.


For numerous reasons, these responses are filtered, and you then make decisions based upon filtered information. There will be some information that you never get, maybe 'out there' ideas, controversial opinions or even feedback on your personal style.There are things you may never know.


Frankly, it's not always in people's best interests to tell you their real opinion, we can help bridge that gap.

The Virtual Sales Director role is a short term assignment, ideal for businesses that maybe in a transition period of growth and may choose not to employ a full-time Sales Director but wish to engage an experienced sales lead that can provide a cost effective option to a full-time role.


The Virtual Sales Director is a more cost effective option to a full-time Sales Director.

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