Our HR Essential package is ideal if you are a start-up business or your business is in the early years. You may have your first few employees and want support and guidance from a HR specialist to help you navigate the complicated minefield of being a new employer.
This package provides you with the “basics” for setting up your team as well as access to your Virtual HR Director and the HR administration is all supported by the BreatheHR software.
What’s included in the package:


Typically, companies with 20 plus employees engage with our HR Enhance Package. You recognise that as your business is growing you need more support and structure for your company and your people. We undertake a HR “HR Enhance Fact Find” to understand your people, culture and challenges. We will identify the source of your people problems, and from that create a plan tailored to develop your business. We also provide the legal basics and the HR administration is all supported by the BreatheHR software. 
What’s included in the package:


The HR Expert package is for those businesses who have a growing need to ensure everyone in the company is working together to achieve the business objectives. We first take time to understand your business with our “HR Expert Fact Find“ which looks at key HR areas such as leadership, culture, talent and HR process, and build in areas of concern to explore. We will identify the source of your people challenges, and from that create a strategy tailored to you that will transform your business and deliver growth. This service even comes complete with self-service HR software. 
What’s included in the package:

More Profit

Get advice and support to help you build a more profitable team, that is set up to deliver your goals faster

Less Stress

Have peace of mind knowing you are legally compliant by providing your employees with top quality documents and having a dedicated HR Director on hand to listen when you need some advice

More Time 

No more going around in circles – you can access your employee in real time and in one place and get access to HR advice, resources as and when you need help to save time

More Confidence

Knowing you have up-to-date tools and documents, and if you have employee issues or concerns, you have a dedicated HR Director to help you find the right solution
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