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Dynamic HR Coach is founded on a single self-evident principle: that great HR and people management delivers performance, profitability, and business success.   


We are a fundamentally different HR consultancy.


We enhance your people's performance by helping you to transform your HR and people functions. How? We work with you from ideas conception through to delivery, but we can pick up at any stage of a process depending on your requirements


HR & People Strategy

A critical component of your business

Your HR strategy is one of the most powerful levers in achieving your business objectives.  We can help you create the link with your objectives by working closely with you to set a clear, succinct, owned, and actionable HR strategy that really delivers long-term benefits for your business.

​We work closely with you on your HR strategy, so you are really involved in and own the process and the outcomes. It’s about making sure you’re confident you have a strategy that will meet your goals and can move quickly and smoothly to implementing it. In short: the right strategy ready to go.

We will make sure your strategy is not only firmly rooted in your business priorities and objectives but also clearly sets out the steps for making it happen. This is one of the key ways we can help you go further, faster, for less money.

So how do we help you develop the right deliverable HR strategy?

Answering the key HR questions

We start by gaining a clear understanding of your business strategy. This is the foundation for helping you answer the key HR questions – from what HR services your business needs to how you are going to operate these services to meet your business objectives.

Addressing the detail

We guide you through the detail – which HR services to focus on, how much to invest in each, what to keep in-house and what to outsource, what to centralise and what to decentralise, how you organise and lead HR.

Focusing on the future

We help you focus on the future, take the right decisions, and hold the course. When, for example, your recruitment has such a big impact on your business success, but that impact only comes through years down the line, you have to think and plan your HR strategy long-term – and be prepared to be agile along the way to implement change.

Navigating the noise and nonsense

We help you navigate the noise and nonsense surrounding a lot of HR, so you can concentrate on what really works rather than following the herd and manage the many complexities and subtleties that are involved in doing it well. Interestingly, a lot of good HR is counter intuitive. Better recruitment processes typically result in better candidates and lower cost, for example. And large bonuses typically reduce profitability rather than increase it. We can help you ensure the HR strategies you select are the ones that are proven to be effective and right for your business.



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HR for me is not employment law and policies. It’s about growing businesses as great places to work – places where people know they want to be and where they are engaged in the values, outcomes and success of the company. 


Having worked in many senior roles, including being a HR Director for a large Global organisation, I bring high level strategy and an understanding of corporate and operational challenges to clients I work with – but more than that, I commit to finding solutions that actually inspire, motivate and produce excellence. 


As a Fellow of the CIPD and someone highly committed to personal development, along with my fascination with human behaviour.  I also bring a new perspective to people management, which enables me to really understand the needs of the individuals involved in order to effect change quickly and with impact. 


I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to practices within businesses; whether that’s operational processes, management processes or HR policies & procedures. It’s my mission to use my knowledge, skills and expertise to give consistent, transparent, quality advice to help both employers and employees to understand employment law requirements, to feel confident and empowered, and to create a pro-active, positive work environment for all. 

Beyond Linda?   Dynamic HR Coach works with other practised and experienced HR professionals and consultants who bring their own experience to support every aspect of developing your business as a great place to work. 

I've worked as an HR Director for global companies and start-
ups for over 20 years. I've also managed large global teams myself, so I know first hand the challenges you're facing.


I have a Masters in HR
Management and I'm Fellow CIPD qualified.

Linda - Dynamic HR Coach

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We recognise that not all businesses operate or go to market in the same way and as such it is imperative that we understand you, your business and your objectives.


Linda is an experienced HR professional who brings business strategy to the fore, when addressing the HR challenges of the business. She has been very creative and committed to delivering tangible results.

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